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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
fatted calf for the return of the prodigals!' The King passed by all the new Ministry to speak to him, and afterwards only spoke to my Lord Carteret.
Should I answer the letters from the court of Petraia again ? there will be no end of our magnificent correspondence !—but would it not be too haughty to let a princess write last ?
Oh, the cats! I can never keep them, and yet it is barbarous to send them all to Lord Islay: he will shut them up and starve them, and then bury them under the stairs with his wife10. I laughed for an hour at Marquis Albizzi's fistula qui vient partout—cela est facheux! Monsieur It Chevalier ! thank heaven ! yours did not! Adieu !
Chelsea, July 29, 1742.
I AM quite out of humour; the whole town is melted away; you never saw such a desert. You know what Florence is in the vintage-season, at least I remember what it was: London is just as empty, nothing but half a dozen private gentlewomen left, who live upon the scandal that they laid up in the winter. I am going too! this day sennight we set out for Houghton, for three months; but I scarce think that I shall allow thirty days a-piece to them. Next post I shall not be able to write to you ; and when I am there, shall scarce find materials to furnish a letter above every other post. I beg, however, that you will write constantly to me ; it will be my only entertainment, for I neither hunt, brew, drink, nor reap. When I return in the winter, I will make amends for this barren season of our correspondence.
I carried Sir Robert the other night to Eanelagh for the
10 Daughter of Mr. Wliitfield, Paymaster of Marines; d, 1723.